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 Group leaders working in the field of Systems biology:

Name Surname Division Research title
Douglas Young Mycobacterial Research Mycobacterium tuberculosis and the host response
Greg Elgar Systems Biology Regulation of early vertebrate development
Mike Gilchrist Systems Biology Gene regulatory networks in early development
Luiz de Carvalho Mycobacterial Research Mycobacterium tuberculosis systems and chemical biology
James Briscoe Developmental Biology Neural tube development
Dimitrios Anastasiou Physiology and Metabolism Cancer metabolism
Denis Burdakov Neurophysiology Neural circuits, instincts, sleep, appetite
Mariia Yuneva Physiology and Metabolism Oncogenes and tumour metabolism
Andrew Oates Developmental Biology Patterning embryos with oscillations
Edgar Deu Parasitology Functional characterization of essential enzymes in Plasmodium.
Moritz Treeck Parasitology How do parasites regulate the proteins they export into the host cell and how does the host contribute to that?

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