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 Group leaders working in the field of Physiology and metabolism:

Name Surname Division Research title
Siew-Lan Ang Developmental Neurobiology Neuronal subtype specification in the midbrain and hypothalamus
Alex Gould Physiology and Metabolism Regulation of growth and metabolism
Gitta Stockinger Molecular Immunology Maintenance and regulation of peripheral immune responses
Paul Le Tissier Archive This page has been archived;
Control of prolactin and growth hormone cell differentiation and function
Troy Margrie Neurophysiology Sensory processing in single cells, circuits and behaviour
Steve Smerdon Molecular Structure Structural biology of phosphorylation-dependent signalling in the cell-cycle and the response to DNA damage
Steve Gamblin Molecular Structure Structural biology of influenza, energy metabolism and cancer
Mark Wilson Molecular Immunology Regulation of T helper 2 (Th2) cell development and function during helminth infection and allergy
Luiz de Carvalho Mycobacterial Research Mycobacterium tuberculosis systems and chemical biology
Dimitrios Anastasiou Physiology and Metabolism Cancer metabolism
Andreas Schaefer Neurophysiology Neurophysiology of behaviour
Denis Burdakov Neurophysiology Neural circuits, instincts, sleep, appetite
Mariia Yuneva Physiology and Metabolism Oncogenes and tumour metabolism
Andrew Oates Developmental Biology Patterning embryos with oscillations
Antonella Spinazzola Molecular Structure Mitochondrial biogenesis and disease
Markus Ralser Physiology and Metabolism Dynamic and evolution of metabolic networks

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