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 Group leaders working in the field of Genetics and genomics:

Name Surname Division Research title
Tim Mohun Developmental Biology Heart formation in vertebrates
Siew-Lan Ang Developmental Neurobiology Neuronal subtype specification in the midbrain and hypothalamus
François Guillemot Molecular Neurobiology Generation of cell diversity in the mouse brain
Victor Tybulewicz Immune Cell Biology Signal transduction from the antigen receptors of B and T cells
Lyle Zimmerman Archive Using frog genetics to understand vertebrate development and disease
Jim Smith Systems Biology The molecular basis of mesoderm formation
Jean-Paul Vincent Developmental Biology Patterning and homeostasis in developing epithelia
Iris Salecker Molecular Neurobiology Visual circuit assembly in Drosophila
Robin Lovell-Badge Stem Cell Biology and Developmental Genetics Sex, stem cells and decisions of cell fate
James Turner Stem Cell Biology and Developmental Genetics Sex chromosomes in development and disease
Elaine Davis Archive This page has been archived;
Gene regulation and DNA repair in the pathogenesis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Robert Wilkinson Mycobacterial Research Steroid regulated immune responses in tuberculosis
Paul Le Tissier Archive This page has been archived;
Control of prolactin and growth hormone cell differentiation and function
Mike Gilchrist Systems Biology Gene regulatory networks in early development
Mark Wilson Molecular Immunology Regulation of T helper 2 (Th2) cell development and function during helminth infection and allergy
Peter Thorpe Stem Cell Biology and Developmental Genetics Systems microscopy studies of cell division and cell fate determination

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