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 Group leaders working in the field of Developmental biology:

Name Surname Division Research title
Tim Mohun Developmental Biology Heart formation in vertebrates
Siew-Lan Ang Developmental Neurobiology Neuronal subtype specification in the midbrain and hypothalamus
François Guillemot Molecular Neurobiology Generation of cell diversity in the mouse brain
Lyle Zimmerman Archive Using frog genetics to understand vertebrate development and disease
Jim Smith Systems Biology The molecular basis of mesoderm formation
Alex Gould Physiology and Metabolism Regulation of growth and metabolism
Jean-Paul Vincent Developmental Biology Patterning and homeostasis in developing epithelia
David Wilkinson Developmental Neurobiology Regulation of boundary formation and neurogenesis
Vassilis Pachnis Molecular Neurobiology Development of the nervous system
Iris Salecker Molecular Neurobiology Visual circuit assembly in Drosophila
Robin Lovell-Badge Stem Cell Biology and Developmental Genetics Sex, stem cells and decisions of cell fate
Andres Ramos Molecular Structure Molecular recognition in post-transcriptional regulation
Greg Elgar Systems Biology Regulation of early vertebrate development
Mike Gilchrist Systems Biology Gene regulatory networks in early development
James Briscoe Developmental Biology Neural tube development
Sila Ultanir Developmental Neurobiology Kinase signaling pathways in neuronal dendrite development
Andrew Oates Developmental Biology Patterning embryos with oscillations

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