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 Group leaders working in the field of Biochemistry:

Name Surname Division Research title
Martin Webb Physical Biochemistry The molecular mechanisms of motor proteins
John Offer Physical Biochemistry Acyl transfer for chemical biology and synthesis
Justin Molloy Physical Biochemistry Single molecule studies of cell motility and cell signalling
Eva Frickel Parasitology A new perspective on anti-Toxoplasma gondii immunity
Luiz de Carvalho Mycobacterial Research Mycobacterium tuberculosis systems and chemical biology
Dimitrios Anastasiou Physiology and Metabolism Cancer metabolism
Mariia Yuneva Physiology and Metabolism Oncogenes and tumour metabolism
Vivian Li Stem Cell Biology and Developmental Genetics Wnt signalling pathway, intestinal stem cells and cancer
Ian Holt Virology Mitochondrial DNA Replication and Expression
Edgar Deu Parasitology Functional characterization of essential enzymes in Plasmodium.
Antonella Spinazzola Molecular Structure Mitochondrial biogenesis and disease
Moritz Treeck Parasitology How do parasites regulate the proteins they export into the host cell and how does the host contribute to that?

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