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Name Surname Division Research title
Dimitrios Anastasiou Physiology and Metabolism Cancer metabolism
Siew-Lan Ang Developmental Neurobiology Neuronal subtype specification in the midbrain and hypothalamus
Kate Bishop Virology Infection and replication of retroviruses
Mike Blackman Parasitology Proteases in host cell exit and invasion by the malaria parasite
James Briscoe Developmental Biology Neural tube development
Denis Burdakov Neurophysiology Neural circuits, instincts, sleep, appetite
Luiz de Carvalho Mycobacterial Research Mycobacterium tuberculosis systems and chemical biology
Edgar Deu Parasitology Functional characterization of essential enzymes in Plasmodium.
Greg Elgar Systems Biology Regulation of early vertebrate development
Eva Frickel Parasitology A new perspective on anti-Toxoplasma gondii immunity
Steve Gamblin Molecular Structure Structural biology of influenza, energy metabolism and cancer
Mike Gilchrist Systems Biology Gene regulatory networks in early development
Alex Gould Physiology and Metabolism Regulation of growth and metabolism
François Guillemot Molecular Neurobiology Generation of cell diversity in the mouse brain
Maximiliano Gutierrez Mycobacterial Research Cell biology of M. tuberculosis persistence
Tony Holder Parasitology Malaria parasites and red blood cells
Ian Holt Virology Mitochondrial DNA Replication and Expression
George Kassiotis Immunoregulation Antiviral immunity
Jean Langhorne Parasitology Immunology and immunopathogenesis of malaria infections
Steve Ley Immune Cell Biology Regulation of gene expression in immune responses by NF-κB and MAP kinases
Vivian Li Stem Cell Biology and Developmental Genetics Wnt signalling pathway, intestinal stem cells and cancer
Robin Lovell-Badge Stem Cell Biology and Developmental Genetics Sex, stem cells and decisions of cell fate
Troy Margrie Neurophysiology Sensory processing in single cells, circuits and behaviour
John McCauley Virology Host specificity of influenza viruses
Tim Mohun Developmental Biology Heart formation in vertebrates
Justin Molloy Physical Biochemistry Single molecule studies of cell motility and cell signalling
Kathy Niakan Stem Cell Biology and Developmental Genetics Mechanisms of lineage specification in human embryos and stem cells
Anne O’Garra Immunoregulation Regulation of the immune response in infectious disease
Andrew Oates Developmental Biology Patterning embryos with oscillations
John Offer Physical Biochemistry Acyl transfer for chemical biology and synthesis
Vassilis Pachnis Molecular Neurobiology Development of the nervous system
Venizelos Papayannopoulos Molecular Immunology Neutrophils in immune defense and disease
Markus Ralser Physiology and Metabolism Dynamic and evolution of metabolic networks
Andres Ramos Molecular Structure Molecular recognition in post-transcriptional regulation
Katrin Rittinger Molecular Structure Structural biology of signalling networks that regulate innate and adaptive immunity
Peter Rosenthal Physical Biochemistry Electron cryomicroscopy of viruses and cells
Iris Salecker Molecular Neurobiology Visual circuit assembly in Drosophila
Andreas Schaefer Neurophysiology Neurophysiology of behaviour
Steve Smerdon Molecular Structure Structural biology of phosphorylation-dependent signalling in the cell-cycle and the response to DNA damage
Jim Smith Systems Biology The molecular basis of mesoderm formation
Antonella Spinazzola Molecular Structure Mitochondrial biogenesis and disease
Gitta Stockinger Molecular Immunology Maintenance and regulation of peripheral immune responses
Jonathan Stoye Virology Retrovirus – host interactions
Willie Taylor Mathematical Biology Protein structure analysis and design
Ian Taylor Molecular Structure Macromolecular assemblies
Peter Thorpe Stem Cell Biology and Developmental Genetics Systems microscopy studies of cell division and cell fate determination
Pavel Tolar Immune Cell Biology Activation of Immune Receptors
Moritz Treeck Parasitology How do parasites regulate the proteins they export into the host cell and how does the host contribute to that?
James Turner Stem Cell Biology and Developmental Genetics Sex chromosomes in development and disease
Victor Tybulewicz Immune Cell Biology Signal transduction from the antigen receptors of B and T cells
Sila Ultanir Developmental Neurobiology Kinase signaling pathways in neuronal dendrite development
Jean-Paul Vincent Developmental Biology Patterning and homeostasis in developing epithelia
Andreas Wack Immunoregulation Immune response to influenza
Martin Webb Physical Biochemistry The molecular mechanisms of motor proteins
David Wilkinson Developmental Neurobiology Regulation of boundary formation and neurogenesis
Robert Wilkinson Mycobacterial Research Steroid regulated immune responses in tuberculosis
Mark Wilson Molecular Immunology Regulation of T helper 2 (Th2) cell development and function during helminth infection and allergy
Douglas Young Mycobacterial Research Mycobacterium tuberculosis and the host response
Mariia Yuneva Physiology and Metabolism Oncogenes and tumour metabolism

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