Schools’ Days 2013

13 February 2013

NIMR played host to 357 school students from 22 schools over two days for a programme of talks, workshops, poster presentations and careers advice.

At the schools days on 6 and 7 February the students heard talks about the immune system, parasites, and genetically engineered mice. In the workshops they were able to view mosquitoes that can carry malaria, see how chick embryos can be used to study organ development, and find out how X-rays can be used to visualise molecules. More details of the programme are on the Schools Day 2013 web page.

NIMR has an active schools programme that aims to foster and stimulate interest in science and research among young people. As part of the Medical Research Council’s centenary celebrations thoughout 2013, NIMR is running a project called "100 years, 100 scientists, 100 schools", in which 100 scientists from the Institute will be taking part in science events with children from 100 local schools in London. The yearly Schools Days were the first main event of this project.

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Students listen to one of the three lectures by NIMR scientific staff.

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One of the workshops, on X‐ray crystallography of proteins.

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Viewing protein structures in 3D.

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Students engage with one of the poster presentations, on neuroscience.

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