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20 August 2013

The NIMR Annual Report includes a number of testimonials from current staff, describing their career and reasons for choosing to work or study at NIMR.   

The training of students, of all levels, is integral to NIMR and through the programmes we offer we strive to train biomedical leaders of the future. Two PhD students share their experiences of research at NIMR.

Lucy Palmer

I have been a PhD student at the NIMR for two years, working in the lab of Jean-Paul Vincent in the Division of Developmental Biology. I am developing novel in vivo methods to determine the secretory route that Wingless (the main Drosophila Wnt) takes out of the cell in order to move in the extracellular space and signal at a distance from its source. Proteins in the Wnt family are often misregulated in cancers, therefore insights into the movement of these proteins during normal development are essential to better understand the mechanisms involved in tumorigenesis.

I was drawn to the NIMR due to the world-renowned research and incredible facilities that the institute is able to offer. Of particular relevance to my project is the Confocal Imaging and Analysis Laboratory (CIAL) that has provided invaluable assistance and advice. The atmosphere at the NIMR is highly interactive both scientifically between various laboratories and divisions, and in social situations such as the bar and the 8-a-side football league. This creates a highly supportive and exciting environment for students to undertake their PhD.

Matteo Villa

I’ve just started my second year of PhD in the Division of Molecular Immunology, funded by a Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds PhD fellowship. My project aims at investigating the role of the transcription factor Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor in B cell-mediated immunity. The reasons why I chose the NIMR for my PhD is the outstanding quality of research performed and the reputation of the Institute.

After one year at the NIMR I can definitely say that, not only the scientific value, but as well the collaborative and friendly environment at the Institute makes the difference. Moreover the training programme for the PhD students and the daily lectures and seminars are strongly contributing to develop my scientific skills. All these things make the NIMR an excellent place for the PhD training, both in terms of scientific and personal experience.

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