MRC Centenary videos feature NIMR

08 January 2013

NIMR is featured in BBC news reports on the MRC centenary.

BBC News has broadcast three short reports to mark the centenary of the MRC in 2013. The reports highlight the MRC's work in tuberculosis, stem cell research and influenza.

The first video report features Adrian Martineau and Denny Mitchison talking about tuberculosis research, including the MRC's 1948 controlled clinical trial of streptomycin. This was organised by a small group including Philip D'Arcy Hart. Hart was director of the MRC Tuberculosis Research Unit and after his retirement spent many years as a visiting worker at NIMR.

The next report is mostly concerned with MRC-funded stem cell research at UCL and Moorfields Hospital, but towards the end it mentions the Francis Crick Institute, and shows plans for the building. NIMR will become part of the Francis Crick Institute in 2015.

The final report looks at the history of influenza research, from the identification of the virus at NIMR in 1933, through to current monitoring activities at the WHO Influenza Centre (WIC) at NIMR. John McCauley and Rod Daniels, the current Director and Deputy Director of the WIC, are filmed talking about the work of the Centre.

More information about the MRC Centenary, including a timeline of achievements since 1913, is on the Centenary website.

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