Mill Hill Lecture by Carol Robinson on Wed 23 January 2013

18 January 2013

Carol Robinson from University of Oxford will give a Mill Hill Lecture on Wednesday 23 January 2013 at 4.15pm. The title of the lecture is Mass spectrometry - a new phase for structural biology. This is the Medawar Lecture.

The Mill Hill Lectures are an annual series of lectures organised by the Institute, given by eminent scientists from around the world. Lectures take place at 4.15pm in the Fletcher Hall at the Institute. If you wish to attend this lecture, or to be placed on the mailing list for future lectures, please contact the Director's Office:
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Medawar Lecture

The Medawar Lecture is named in honour of Peter Medawar, who was Director of NIMR from 1962-1971, a Nobel prizewinner and author of numerous books including "Advice to a Young Scientist". The topic and lecturer are chosen by the postgraduate students at NIMR.

Background to lecture

Morgner N & Robinson CV (2012). Linking structural change with functional regulation-insights from mass spectrometry. Current Opinion in Structural Biology 22(1):44-51. Article link

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