Gitta Stockinger awarded 2014 Feldberg Foundation Prize

31 January 2013

Gitta Stockinger of the Division of Molecular Immunology has been awarded the Feldberg Prize for 2014.

The Feldberg Foundation was established in 1961 by Professor Wilhelm Feldberg, a former Head of the Division of Physiology and Pharmacology at NIMR. The Foundation promotes scientific contact between German and English scientists within the sphere of experimental medical research, in particular in physiology, pharmacology and related topics, primarily through scientific exchange lectures.

Each year one German and one British scientist is awarded a prize, the amount of which is an indication of Feldberg's wish that the recipients should be outstanding in their particular field. Each recipient gives a lecture in each other's country (and since 1999, up to three additional lectures). The prizes are awarded to German scientists resident in Germany and to British scientists resident in the United Kingdom. The prizes for 2013 and 2014 have been announced, and Gitta Stockinger has been awarded the 2014 prize.

Gitta Stockinger (pictured) is head of NIMR's Division of Molecular Immunology. The main interest of her lab is the functional analysis of peripheral T cell responses. Her current focus is on the development and function of CD4 effector T cells, such as Th17 cells and modulation of effector functions by exogenous and endogenous environmental factors.

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