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Tools of the trade - objects that tell a story

27 February 2015

The Francis Crick Institute has been awarded a grant to help conserve a collection of scientific objects, most of them collected at NIMR.

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Moving towards a multi-stage malaria vaccine

26 February 2015

Researchers at NIMR have shown that immunity to malaria is not necessarily specific for a particular life-cycle stage. The research is published in eLife.

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Cutting off Wnt’s fatty tail

25 February 2015

Research by scientists from NIMR, Oxford and CRUK has identified a mechanism that controls Wnt signaling. The work is published in Nature.

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Patrick Piggot (1941-2014)

24 February 2015

Patrick J. Piggot died on 25th August 2014, aged 73. He was a former Programme Leader in NIMR's Division of Microbiology (1974-1985).

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Host protease inhibitor helps block influenza virus spread

12 February 2015

NIMR scientists contributed to a study that identified an extracellular protease inhibitor as a novel type of host factor inhibiting influenza spread. The work is published in Cell.

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New research programmes in Stem Cell Biology and Developmental Genetics

11 February 2015

Vivian Li and Kathy Niakan are two new programme leaders who joined the Institute in 2013, working in the Division of Stem Cell Biology and Developmental Genetics.

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Seven PhD projects open for applications

10 February 2015

Seven PhD projects in the Crick PhD programme at Mill Hill are still open for applications.

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Mill Hill Lecture by Paul Bieniasz on 11 February 2015

30 January 2015

Paul Bieniasz, from Rockefeller University, will give a Mill Hill Lecture on Wednesday 11 February 2015 at 4.00pm. The title of the lecture is The cell's defenses against retroviruses. This is the Honess lecture.

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Jean Lindenmann (1924-2015)

26 January 2015

Jean Lindenmann, co-discoverer of interferon at NIMR in 1957, died on 15 January in Zurich.

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Two NIMR researchers win Wellcome Investigator awards

26 January 2015

Two NIMR programme leaders have been successful in the latest round of Wellcome Investigator awards.

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