Medical bioinformatics Career Development Fellowships

01 September 2014

An opportunity is available for computational researchers to join a world-leading group of biomedical research universities and institutes.

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Linking function and connectivity of a specific cortical circuit

29 August 2014

NIMR researchers have provided the first description of the function and connectivity of a specific cortical circuit. The research is published in Neuron.

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A step closer to engineering muscle and spinal cord tissue

27 August 2014

Researchers at NIMR and the MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine, Edinburgh have collaborated to identify and grow cells that form the stepping stone between stem cells and those making up our spinal cord, skeleton and muscles. The research is published in PLOS Biology.

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PhD student experiences

22 August 2014

The training of students, at all levels, is integral to NIMR. Through the programmes we offer we strive to train biomedical leaders of the future.

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Sandwich student experience

20 August 2014

Sandwich placements provide students with the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in a research lab for 12 months and to work on an independent research project.

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Animal technician experiences

18 August 2014

NIMR is committed to ensuring a high standard of training and education for Animal Technicians and support staff at all stages of their careers. Technicians spend time in NIMR research labs to gain experience of experimental procedures, and attend workshops and seminars on subjects related to laboratory animal science.

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Research support experiences

15 August 2014

Specialist support managers and research technicians are essential for the work at NIMR. The Institute also employs individuals in a range of non-scientific activities.

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NIMR essayist on Max Perutz shortlist

14 August 2014

An essay written by an NIMR PhD student is on the shortlist for the 2014 Max Perutz Science Writing Award.

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Three NIMR researchers win Wellcome Investigator awards

14 August 2014

Three NIMR programme leaders have been successful in the latest round of Wellcome Investigator awards.

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Postdoctoral scientist experiences

12 August 2014

NIMR hosts approximately 220 postdoctoral scientists, supported either by MRC core funding or externally funded fellowships.

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