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NIMR research highlighted in MRC outputs and impact report

29 September 2014

The outputs of two NIMR research projects were highlighted in the Medical Research Council’s latest report: Outputs, outcomes and impact of MRC research: 2013/14.

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Paola Di Meglio wins 2014 Celgene Award

26 September 2014

Paola Di Meglio has won the 2014 Celgene Award for Innovation in Inflammation and Immunology Research into Dermatological Disease.

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Coordinating growth and patterning in the spinal cord

26 September 2014

NIMR scientists have uncovered how the production of different types of neural cells and the growth of the embryonic spinal cord are coordinated during embryonic development. The research is published in Science.

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NIMR Human Biology Essay Competition 2014 - results

16 September 2014

The winner and two runners-up in the NIMR school essay competition have been announced. They have spent a day at NIMR learning about the research at the Institute.

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A pathway essential for B cell antibody responses

16 September 2014

NIMR researchers have established a critical role for NF-kB1 proteolysis in B cell antibody responses. The work is published in Journal of Experimental Medicine.

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Neutrophil antimicrobial strategies depend on microbial size

15 September 2014

Research by scientists from NIMR has shown how neutrophil extracellular traps are deployed selectively to counter fungal infections. The work is published in Nature Immunology.

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The transcription factor that activates hippocampal stem cells

04 September 2014

NIMR researchers have identified the role of transcription factor Ascl1 in hippocampal neurogenesis. The research is published in Neuron.

Medical bioinformatics Career Development Fellowships

01 September 2014

An opportunity is available for computational researchers to join a world-leading group of biomedical research universities and institutes.

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Linking function and connectivity of a specific cortical circuit

29 August 2014

NIMR researchers have provided the first description of the function and connectivity of a specific cortical circuit. The research is published in Neuron.

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A step closer to engineering muscle and spinal cord tissue

27 August 2014

Researchers at NIMR and the MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine, Edinburgh have collaborated to identify and grow cells that form the stepping stone between stem cells and those making up our spinal cord, skeleton and muscles. The research is published in PLOS Biology.

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