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Robin Holliday (1932-2014)

14 April 2014

Robin Holliday died on 9 April 2014. He worked at NIMR for 23 years (1965-1988) and was head of the Division of Genetics from 1970.

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Open Labs - school students visit NIMR animal facilities

04 April 2014

NIMR opened its doors to school students as part of the Open Labs scheme organised by Understanding Animal Research.

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Deciphering the Mechanisms of Developmental Disorders - progress report

03 April 2014

The DMDD (Deciphering the Mechanisms of Developmental Disorders) programme started in 2013, funded by the Wellcome Trust.

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Mill Hill Lecture by Maria Leptin on 21 May 2014

03 April 2014

Maria Leptin, Director, European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO), will give a Mill Hill Lecture on Wednesday 21 May 2014 at 4.15pm. The title of the lecture is Cell shape and morphogenesis: sub-cellular and supra-cellular mechanisms. This is the Beddington Lecture.

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NIMR achieves Athena SWAN bronze award

02 April 2014

NIMR has become one of the first research institutes in the UK to achieve an Athena SWAN award.

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NIMR at the Science Museum

31 March 2014

More than 30 scientists from NIMR took part in the Crick Bio-revolution Lates night last month at the Science Museum. The event attracted nearly 7000 visitors.

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The hierarchy of transcription factors driving natural killer cell development

25 March 2014

A collaboration between scientists from Imperial College and NIMR has shown that the transcription factor E4BP4 operates at the top of a hierarchy of transcription factors regulating natural killer cell development. The work is published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine.

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U3A meeting - Making babies: Sex, science and stem cells

24 March 2014

NIMR is hosting a U3A meeting on the afternoon of 3rd April. There will be two talks on the theme of Making babies: Sex, science and stem cells.

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A phospho-switch determines substrates of the R2TP molecular chaperone complex

21 March 2014

Research by scientists at the NIMR and LRI has revealed how phosphorylated substrates of the R2TP molecular chaperone complex are recruited for processing by a highly specific molecular recognition mechanism. The work is published in Cell Reports.

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Three PhD projects open for applications

20 March 2014

Three PhD projects are still open for applications.

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