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NIMR is based in Mill Hill in north London, and is the largest of the MRC’s three Institutes. Our research falls into four general areas – Genetics and Development, Infections and Immunity, Neurosciences, and Structural Biology – but the main characteristic of NIMR is the collaborative and interdisciplinary approach we bring to everything we do. This approach, and the vibrant atmosphere of the Institute, underpins the success of our research and makes for a superb training environment, both for postdoctoral workers and for PhD students.

Additional scientific interactions occur with our sister Institutes, the Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge and the Clinical Sciences Centre in Hammersmith, as well as with University College London, with whom our PhD students are registered.

Most importantly, however, we are now working closely with the London Research Institute (LRI) of Cancer Research UK, UCL, Imperial College London, King’s College London and the Wellcome Trust to establish the Francis Crick Institute in St Pancras, London. NIMR staff will move to the Crick early in 2016. You can read more about the new Institute elsewhere on our website and on the Crick website.

Our website acts as an introduction to the Institute’s research, to its scientists and its support staff, to its facilities, its training opportunities, its seminars and its outreach programme. We also produce an Annual Report and Prospectus, which provides additional information about NIMR. I hope you enjoy reading about NIMR and that you get a sense of what happens at the Institute.

Jim Smith

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